Warhawks News · Softball Booster Fundraiser at Chipotle

Dine Out at Chipotle – Saturday December 7, 2019 from 4-8 pm
Please come join and support the Westerville Central Softball Teams by eating at Chipotle on Saturday December 7, 2019 from 4 pm-8 pm. Only valid at the Westerville Store located at 63 Maxtown Rd. Each person that shows the attached flier, the softball teams will receive 33% of the sales on this day! Please spread the word!!
   If you would like to place a catering order for the Saturday pickup (for holiday or game parties) you may do so and your order would count also toward our fundraiser as long as it is picked up during the 4-8 pm Time frame and attached flier shown- 
How to order Chipotle Catering to ensure it goes towards our final donation. A typical Catering order costs about $300, which means $99 would go back to our group! Just call 1-800-CHIPOTLE to place your order (at least 24 hours in advance) to be picked up during the time frame of your fundraiser and let them know that you want to pay upon pickup. When you pick up your order, alert the cashier before payment that you would like it to count towards our fundraiser.  Also you may purchase Chipotle burrito boxes ahead of time too!!