Warhawks News · Volunteer Opportunity From Leadership Westerville

For many years Westerville Central athletes and students have contributed greatly to the community through service and volunteer activities.  Leadership Westerville has developed a plan to help senior citizens and homebound neighbors with snow removal.  Please see the information below to learn how you can help.


This year’s class of Leadership Westerville has created a new volunteer program that connects volunteers with homes of senior citizens and homebound neighbors who live within the Westerville City Schools footprint. It is entirely run by the class and they need volunteers as they begin to get requests of homes to serve. You can learn more about the program and everything that entails signing up to volunteer by visiting www.westervillesnowpatrol.com.

Things to Know about Signing Up to Volunteer:


  • You will be assigned to a neighbor in need who lives no more than a 15-minute walk from your address.
  • We will contact you via email with confirmation details when you have been assigned a neighbor.
  • You may not be assigned to help a neighbor immediately. Neighbors request help throughout the winter season. You may be assigned immediately, a few weeks after you sign up, or later during the winter.
  • Your assignment depends on if there is a neighbor who needs help near you. If none of your neighbors sign up, we may not be able to assign you. Either way, we will keep in touch regularly!
  • We ask that you help your neighbor as soon as you are able and within 24-hours of the end of a snow event.
  • Sometimes more than one neighbor who needs help live in the same block. If you are willing to help shovel and salt for more than one neighbor, please let us know on your registration form.
  • If your neighbor wishes you to salt their walkways, sidewalk, and or driveway they are expected to have salt available for their Snow Patroller.
  • Please socially distance and wear a mask if interacting with your Neighbor.
  • Prior to being assigned a home you will need to complete the attached waiver form.